Pretty Lies


The Northern Unity has always been safe. When The Enlightened Society took over what was known as The United States of America, they made the well-being of the people their top priority. Safety and knowledge are the powers that hold the country together—a contrast from the ways of the Old World. But what happens when that safety is an illusion and the knowledge is fabricated? When nineteen-year-old Ivy (Olivia) Clearson wanders the streets one night after curfew, she becomes a witness to a horrendous crime. She knows she has to report it, but in doing so, she risks re-education for her own violation of the law. Slowly, her eyes are forced open to the secrets that are harbored both by those she always thought she could trust and the Society. Ripped away from everything she’s ever known and accompanied by someone she’s been forced to believe is a terrorist, Ivy is on the run, desperate to escape her grim fate while uncovering the darkest secrets of this near-perfect world.

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Counter Ops

Pretty Lies Series Book 2: Counter Ops, coming soon! 

 Available November 5, 2021